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Revealed: The Health Tech World Top 50 Innovators of 2022

Health Tech World has announced its Top 50 health tech innovators of 2022. Here are the top picks of health tech companies who stand out for their unique innovation, outstanding tech solutions, or for simply for making the world a better place through health tech…

42 – KeyZell | Spain

After 20 years with no advancement in brain cancer care, KeyZell has developed a new approach and is a pioneering biotech company in Spain and beyond.

They are heavily  focused on the discovery and development of a new generation of cancer drugs, as well as an innovative artificial intelligence system for precision oncology medicine, and have already secured a few rounds of funding.

KeyZell is currently working on several lines of research against some types of tumours, and is developing an artificial intelligence system based on blockchain technology, O.P.S (Oncology Precision System), the future of precision medicine in oncology.

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