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KeyZell currently leads this Precision Medicine biomedical revolution worldwide

KeyZell is a pioneering biotechnology company focused on the discovery and development of a new generation of cancer drugs, as well as an innovative artificial intelligence system for precision oncology medicine.

KeyZell is currently working on several lines of research. On the one hand, a new first-line treatment against some types of tumors, capable of neutralizing cancer cells and preventing metastasis, based on the latest findings about cellular apoptosis.

In addition to the above, Keyzell is developing an artificial intelligence system based on blockchain technology, O.P.S (Oncology Precision System), the future of precision medicine in oncology.

A. I. Oncology Precision System

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Cancer Incident 2020
Cancer Incident 2030
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Estimated deaths 2030
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If you want to get involved in this promising project and become part of it as an investor, employee, researcher, collaborator, partner, licensee... do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to evaluate a possible mutually beneficial collaboration.

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