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We lead the biomedical revolution of Precision Medicine

Dr Nabil Hajji

We are working on the discovery and development of a new generation of cancer drugs.

We developed an innovative artificial intelligence system for precision oncology medicine.
dr nabil hajji

KeyZell is currently working on several lines of research. On the one hand, a new first-line treatment against some types of tumors, capable of neutralizing cancer cells and preventing metastasis, based on the latest discoveries on cell apoptosis.

And on the other, an artificial intelligence system based on blockchain technology, O.P.S (Oncology Precision System), the future of precision medicine in oncology.

What do we offer?

I.A. Oncology Precision System

100% performance

Gathering hundreds of thousands of data from around the world thanks to AI technology.

100% support

24-hour support through app, symptoms monitoring, side effects and patient’s quality of life.

89% efficiency

Effectiveness in choosing the best treatment that guarantees the highest survival rate and patient quality of life.

48% cost optimization

Diagnosis costs reduction, treatment, and patient follow-up.

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We want to reconcile the availability of financial resources and access to innovative treatments such as the one we present.


We still have a long way to go in the research and development of new treatments, where the prospects are encouraging.


We are professionals and specialized volunteers, we work with integrity, dedication and seeking the professionalization of our services.

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We lead the Precision Medicine biomedical revolution

This represents a huge opportunity for both patients and the sector in terms of economics and innovation