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The capital dresses up for science

The European Association of Economy and Competitiveness celebrates the second edition of the Isaac Peral National Award for Research, Science and Innovation

  • Miriam R. Walnut

The investigation was elegant to pay tribute to 17 great science professionals. The emblematic Westin Palace Hotel in Madrid opened its doors to celebrate the II Edition of the Isaac Peral National Prize for Research, Science and Innovation during the night of last Friday, June 24. An event organized by the European Association of Economy and Competitiveness (AEDEEC), chaired by the prestigious journalist Mr. José Luis Barceló, which was led by the presenter Ana García Lozano.

Science is a committed, necessary and undoubtedly innovative profession. Its continuous advances force professionals to be up to date. The growth of society cannot be understood without science, and the AEDEEC wanted to honor, for the second consecutive year, the efforts of those who give their lives to it.

prestige and wisdom

In the words of Ana García Lozano , the awards ceremony began with an opening video of the Association that welcomed each of the attendees to the central and glorious hotel in the capital.

The gala began with the delivery of the Exceptional Award. The imposition of the European gold medal for merit at work was awarded to a professional in journalism and sports: Jesús Álvarez. A reference in TVE Information Services and presenter of the Teledeporte interview program, «Álvarez café», who has spent decades dedicating himself to communication: «I don’t know if I deserve it, but I’ve had enough years to realize all the work I have done”, he thanked, remembering his beginnings and dedicating the award to “all those people who do not have a job”.

The presence of Juan Miguel Aguilar , CEO of Berger-Levraut Spain , continued the ceremony. His undoubted effort in digital transformation makes him one of the most important professionals in innovation and business growth: “I would like to thank the people who accompany us in difficult times: the family,” he exclaimed.

Female empowerment and the role of women in business was represented by the founder of AKRN Scientific Consulting , Dr. Maria Elizabeth Nyåkern . A reference company in medical, biotechnological and clinical research products in Spain and Europe, whose staff can boast of being made up of 70% women: “Spain is innovation, tourism and talent”, the scientist acknowledged during her speech.

The paper producer Papresa was the next star of the night. Its president, Miguel Sánchez , went to the prestigious hotel to talk about growth. Its more than 125 years of history have made it the only producer of newsprint in southern Europe, but its progress has been undeniable in recent years: “We have created a project to diversify the company towards another part of the market” , highlighted the winner, citing innovation as part of the present and future.

Science and health go hand in hand. Research in the fight against diseases is important and essential, as is the recognition of the company Keyzell Holding , an expert in finding effective solutions to cancer in the field of care through Artificial Intelligence. An award that its CEO, José Esteban del Corral , collected, who mentioned his union with technological advances: “I have had a very varied professional life, but always related to innovation,” he acknowledged.

Traveling to another sector, the night continued with the presentation of Inmaculada Palomo, technical delegate of Grupo Index’s Casa Desenplugada , a modern construction company, committed to the environment and a pioneer in creating a real estate development without an electricity grid in Spain, since “the future of housing is sustainable”, he recalled.

“My situation is a bit anomalous,” began the speech of the next winner. D. Francisco de Borja Iribarne , founder and CEO of Professor CBD , was recognized for the distribution of CBD products aimed at wellness. A success born of a family situation, for which he began his research in order to improve his mother’s illness.

Therapeutic research continued to lead the ceremony at the hands of Jean Marie Raymond , recognized for his work at Pharmactive Biotech Products SLU . A pioneering biotechnological company in natural therapeutic alternatives from native botanical species. And, continuing with the same branch, the presenter gave way to Guillermo Osvaldo Garcés , director of the Eye Vision Institute clinic , focused on the visual health of its patients with high-end technologies and quality services.

Eduardo Jiménez-Carlés , CEO and founder of Soinde , was the next winner. Soinde is a distributor of specialized medical devices, with services focused on supporting the work carried out by health professionals: “We try to make surgeons work more comfortably, with greater safety and, furthermore, at a good price.”

In an emotional way, Guillermo Romero Álvarez , director of Los Álvarez Romero , collected his award: an award dedicated to decades of family work, trained and with a great effort to adapt to the changes that society demands. Thus, Romero Álvarez remembered his father from the stand: “This award is not for me, it is for him,” he confessed.

The next award went to Pablo González Moro , Managing Director of Futurs Health . A new concept of responsible health that is committed to providing optimal solutions to the care needs of professionals in the sector. An example of innovation, progress and knowledge.

The winner who followed the gala is 90 years old and has four generations behind him: Hierros y Acero de Santander SA . “We are almost from the iron age, but we have development and innovation”, proudly indicated his manager, Juan Carlos , who was in charge of going up to collect the award.

The evening continued with the recognition of Dr. Elizabeth Arrojo , medical director of the Medical Institute of Advanced Oncology (INMOA) : “There is nothing more rewarding in this world than helping health,” she proudly assured during her speech. With her work, she helps evolve techniques and fights to find new scientific evidence. Thus, among her achievements is discovering a pioneering technique that reduces the number of radiotherapy sessions in breast cancer. “I like proven scientific evidence, but the ones I like the most are the ones that are yet to be proven,” she declared.

The awards ceremony continued with the presence of Mr. Jordi Cerqueda de la Querola D’Ordino , accompanied by his children: “I’ve always been an innovator, but I didn’t know it because it wasn’t mentioned,” he assured, reviewing his long professional life .

Thus, the next to receive the award was Josep Fábregas i Pedrell , a benchmark in addiction treatment at an international level, thanks to his specialization of more than four decades in psychiatry. The professional was grateful for the recognition of a field, yet to be discovered: “There are people who think that psychiatry is something strange, how lucky that it is recognized as an innovation here.”

After these words, the presenter gave way to the last winner of the night. Nerea Subirán ‘s contribution to science, for her work as a PhD in Human Reproduction , was recognized. A field in which she has directed a line of research providing important advances related to male fertility.

In this way, to put the finishing touch to the night and after the family photo, the attendees enjoyed an exquisite dinner at the Westin Palace Hotel in Madrid, where they were able to make history and chat about their achievements and the glorious future that awaits them. awaits innovation in our country.




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