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Fourier Intelligence, iRhythm and KeyZell are the most internationally recognized companies for revolutionizing the health sector

Health Tech World has released a compilation of the top 50 health technology innovators of 2022 who stand out for their unique innovation, outstanding technology solutions and their application in the daily lives of patients.


The implementation of new technologies in the health sector promotes an increasingly competitive market and solutions are developed that favor a better quality of life for patients.

Among the recognized companies is Fourier Intelligence, one of the newest names to enter the rehabilitation robotics market. With offices in China and Singapore, it is now one of the world leaders, creating a range of pioneering robotic rehabilitation equipment to help patients with a range of neurological conditions. Fourier Intelligence provides a wide range of devices for the upper and lower extremities.

For its part, iRhythm, a company located in the United States, effectively redefines the way cardiac arrhythmias are diagnosed clinically. All this through its Zio service, a complete ambulatory cardiac monitoring platform created with the patient in mind and reinforced with clinical evidence. By combining wearable biosensing technology with cloud-based data analytics and machine learning capabilities, they have become leaders in their field.

Another company betting on technology is KeyZell, a Spanish biotech startup that has developed an innovative artificial intelligence system that aims to be the future of precision medicine in oncology, called KeyZell Ops (Oncology Precision System). It is currently available for lung and breast cancer but promises to be a key tool in the fight against cancer, since it is capable of recommending the most appropriate treatments to medical professionals, taking into account the individual characteristics of each patient and their type of cancer. .

This tool helps oncologists to make more precise decisions allowing personalized medicine, reducing recurrence, overmedication, hospitalization time, treatment costs and, above all, improving the quality of life of patients. KeyZell Ops has also been awarded by the International Life Science Awards 2022 of Global Health & Pharma and by the European Association of Economy and Competitiveness (Aedeec) in the Isaac Peral Awards.

Lastly, Advanced Human Imaging is an Australian firm that uses smartphone-based scanning technology for skin disease detection, as well as unlocking cardiovascular health and pinpointing health risks. The diverse range of data-driven applications is applicable to multiple industries, such as health or fitness, and has already been implemented in high-end digital health and wellness countries.

These are some of the companies that have been valued by Health Tech World. These use new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, the cloud or monitoring platforms, with the aim of developing solid projects in a booming market that will undoubtedly bring great advances that will benefit the whole of society.

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