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Senior female scientist doing medical research looking at sample under a microscope
The search for a cure for cancer is a pressing need of our society, for which large investors move, which has made this fight one of the most lucrative businesses on the planet, surpassing the technology sector.
According to the latest study published by IQVIA Institute "Global Oncology Trends 2021", it is estimated that the global market for treatments on this disease will reach 269 billion dollars by 2025.

This market is led by the US. In the US, it has a 42% share, followed by the top five European markets: Germany, France, Great Britain, Italy and Spain. Today, KeyZell is going to start a Clinical Phase for the treatment of lung cancer and is carrying out the pre-clinical for the prevention and avoidance of metastasis.

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This represents a huge opportunity for both patients and the sector in terms of economics and innovation