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KeyZell continues to advance in the development of its Artificial Intelligence tool

The biotech startup KeyZell has officially announced the launch of its exclusive fungible token useful to receive the service of its Artificial Intelligence system for precision medicine against cancer, and another non-fungible token of the industrial property of this AI.

The startup has developed OPS (Oncology Precision System), an AI solution capable of proposing the best combination of personalized cancer treatments for each patient, through a Machine Learning system.

This innovative solution makes it easier for oncologists to define and select the most appropriate treatment for each patient, taking into account their individual genetic characteristics.

Given the strong economic entry barriers for new companies in the pharmaceutical sector, the issuance of K2Z is ​​a step towards advancing the project to fight cancer based on precision medicine and AI

KeyZell will hold a Token Generation Event (TGE) through the K2Z Utility Token project, based on the maximum issuance of 2 billion tokens and 20,000 NFTs.

Thus, with this TGE, it intends to demonstrate the efficacy of a new generation of first-line drugs for the treatment of cancer, as well as to obtain a more advanced version of its AI solution.

The project consists of the tokenization of the industrial property of its AI system by issuing a maximum of 2,000 million tokens and 20,000 NFTs. Users will earn one NFT for every 100,000 tokens.

The token will run natively on the Binance Smart Chain network blockchain following the BEP-20 standard. Thus, these users will benefit from the ability of this industrial property to generate new tokens and participate in an airdrop.

“The K2Z issue aims to radically change the situation in the health sector, eliminating the economic barriers to entry in the market, and being able to work on the most important purpose, saving lives, and not use it as a mere speculative investment”

“With the utility of this token, we want to bring a diagnostic service for personalized precision medicine cancer treatment and for patients to be able to obtain new tokens each year with NFTs to use them with AI”, José de Corral, CEO of KeyZell.

About KeyZell

Formed by a multidisciplinary group of professionals from various fields, researchers from recognized centers of high prestige such as the University of Seville, the University of Malaga or the Imperial College of London, engineers with management experience in large international projects and senior professionals from the sectors pharmaceutical, legal and business.

The company is also supported by a highly qualified team of advisers, not only in the medical or scientific field, but also in intellectual property, legal or strategic matters.

He is currently working on several lines of research, on the one hand, a new first-line treatment against some types of tumors, pending the start of a phase I/IIa clinical trial, a pre-clinical phase treatment to prevent metastasis.

On the other hand, it develops the innovative artificial intelligence system KEYZELL OPS, for which it already has its industrial license, and which aims to be the future of precision medicine in oncology, and which is based on the search for patterns and personalized treatments for those cancer patients who do not respond to treatment, offering the most appropriate treatment for cancer, in the appropriate order and at the most appropriate time according to the characteristics of each patient.

The startup has recently been awarded the Isaac Peral National Research, Science and Innovation Awards by the European Association for Economy and Competitiveness (AEDEEC), and has been recognized by the British magazine Health Tech World as one of the 50 best companies innovators in technology in the health sector in 2022.

It is important to read and understand the risks of this investment which are explained in detail at this location .

Caveat“Investing in crypto assets is not regulated, may not be suitable for retail investors and may lose the entire amount invested”



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