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KeyZell Awarded for Treating Cancer with Biotechnology, Artificial Intelligence

Biotechnological startup Keisel has been honored at the second edition of the Isaac Perel National Research, Science and Innovation Awards organized by the European Association of Economy and Competitiveness. It identifies the competency of the entity researchers Those who do excellent work in scientific fields and who contribute to the advancement of science, better knowledge of human beings, transfer of technology and progress of humanity.

These awards recognize the research done by KeyZell in the development of artificial intelligenceAble to recommend medical professionalsIndividualized treatment against lung and breast cancer.

a more personalized medicine

Backed by an internationally renowned management and research team, Keisel enables oncologists to personalized medicine, reducing recurrence, over-medication, hospitalization time, cost of treatment, follow-up through all clinical stages Helps to take action, and above all, has a positive effect on patients’ quality of life.

In addition, it is generating a Token Generation Event (TGE) in which a Issuance of 2 Billion Tokens and 200,000 NFTs, This token issue is a risk-free investment despite the current volatility of the crypto market, as it is backed by the company’s own value, which means that this investment is not merely speculative and does not depend on market cap. With this issue, KeyZell wants to continue to advance in their project to fight cancer and operate in a safer environment, as they operate under technology.blockchain,

more praise

The startup is distinguished by attacking cancer from two fronts, research in first-line cancer treatment and use of AI technology precision medicine in oncology (Oncology Precision Systems).

The awards have also recognized the work of professionals such as Dr. Elizabeth Arrojo AlvarezMedical Director of the Medical Institute of Advanced Oncology (INMOA), who was distinguished for his professional career in research in the world of oncology, highlighting the development of a leading technology in breast cancer. Reduces the number of radiotherapy sessions From over 30 daily sessions to a single session.




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