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Keyzell and Lãberit join forces to develop artificial intelligence to personalize cancer treatments

Trabajo de laboratorio en KeyZell.
  • In 2020 almost 10 million people died from cancer and each year more than 19 million new cases are added worldwide
  • The Spanish start up Keyzell is committed to research and technology through blockchain and AI to improve cancer treatments and is supported by Lãberit’s multinational experience.

Madrid, February 18, 2022. KeyZell, a Spanish biotechnology company focused on the discovery and development of a new generation of anticancer drugs, as well as an innovative artificial intelligence system for oncology precision medicine, has signed an agreement of collaboration with the multinational Lãberit to continue with the development of a system based on artificial intelligence to analyze biomarkers and personalize cancer treatments.

At KeyZell, we are convinced that this is an important step to lead precision medicine in the oncology sector in the coming years. It is a really important step, which can help thousands of patients not have to go through aggressive treatments such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy unnecessarily, and to be able to initially treat the patient with the treatment with the highest probability of success”, says Jose del Corral, CEO of the company.

The system, named O.P.S. (Oncology Precision System), aims to increase efficiency, productivity, and clinical confidence in diagnosing the best treatment for cancer patients. The goal is to achieve an intelligent and automated workflow that provides information processing and interpretation capable of converting data into actionable information and extracting the medical oncology knowledge necessary to offer the most appropriate treatment against cancer according to the unique characteristics of each patient.

With this system we hope to generate predictions about tailored treatments, and we also hope to significantly increase the life expectancy and quality of life of patients,” says Del Corral.

Digital transformation in the health sector today is one more step towards improving treatments. With this agreement, we can continue to advance in the research and application of artificial intelligence to cancer treatments and gradually achieve a cultural readaptation of the entire sector to this new world that opens up a wide range of possibilities for medicine, such as technology”, points out Juan Tatay, Account Manager eHealth at Lãberit.

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