Diagnostic imaging


Diagnostic imaging technology


KeyZell together with One Technology have developed an Artificial Intelligence system for the diagnosis of cancer by imaging.
It is an innovative tool that allows improving the accuracy of cancer diagnosis by imaging through an X-ray, although we are also working with other tests such as positron emission tomography known as PET and DICOM standards.
mapa de calor de mass
mapa de calor de mass
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How does the technology work?

The device has been trained with a total of 108,948 chest x-ray images corresponding to 32,717 patients. Before performing the training, the model was adjusted for validation, which consisted of comparing the shape of the pattern detected by lA vs. the pattern detected by the radiologist.

The development of this AI model has been guided during all its training stages by our medical team. The processing time by radiography is less than 1 minute and allows the generation of work queues simultaneously by multiple users.

Precision Medicine

We lead the Precision Medicine biomedical revolution

This represents a huge opportunity for both patients and the sector in terms of economics and innovation