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Nabil Hajji, BSc, MRes, PGcert, PhD
Chief Scientific Officer (CSO)

Dr Nabil Hajji’s is a doctor at the Centre of Pharmacology and Therapeutics, Department of medicine in the department of Medicine at Imperial College London. NH got his PhD in Molecular Oncology at Seville University.

Currently NH is lecturer in epigenetics and translational oncology with a strong expertise and track record in the mechanisms of epigenetics alteration in cancer, mitochondrial and apoptosis pathways. NH over the last few years has established the mechanism behind classical anticancer treatment resistance of several types of cancer, which is related to deficiencies in the epigenetic mechanism that control apoptotic machinery. NH focuses on epigenetics and drug resistance research.

He examines how epigenetic alteration leads to tumors resistance to chemotherapy and used approaches to improving treatment by overcoming drug resistance. NH research area of interest and expertise also includes different aspects of epigenetic alterations as biomarkers of drug resistance.

NH developed In vivo Imaging of Epigenetic Biomarkers for Cancer Chemoresistance: Towards More Effective Personalized Treatments in Cancer.

His recent discovery work at Imperial College London (in the journal JCI) reached clinical trial Phase I.
He developed outstanding research programs culminating in research funding and major publications as first and corresponding author in a leading journal.

Collaborating team

Lourdes Hontecillas, PhD

Lab Manager
Degree in biology from the Complutense University of Madrid, expert in molecular biology and PhD from the Cancer Research Center of Salamanca.

Currently postdoctoral researcher in epigenetics and translational pediatric oncology with extensive experience in the mechanisms of epigenetic alteration in cancer (such as ewing's sarcoma, colorectal cancer, etc.), drug resistance and predictive and prognostic biomarkers.


Manuel Luis Orta, PhD

Cell Biology
Professor of Cell Biology at the University of Seville. Researcher in cell culture and radiobiology.

Beatriz Bermúdez, PhD

Molecular Biology
Professor at the University of Seville in the area of knowledge of "Biochemistry and Molecular Biology". Researcher of the Ultrastructural Cytochemistry research group of the Cell Biology unit.

Author and Co-author of more than 80 publications in scientific journals.


Daniel J. García, PhD

Molecular Biology
Postdoctoral researcher at Instituto de Biomedicina de Sevilla (IBIS). Author of: - Treatment-driven selection of chemoresistant Ewing sarcoma tumors with limited drug distribution. - An Inducible Ectopic Expression System Of Ewsr1-Fli1 As A Tool For Understanding Ewing Sarcoma Oncogenesis.

Lucía Martín, PhD

Pharmaceutical Technology
Degree in Pharmacy from the University of Seville (1999). Doctor in Pharmacy at the University of Seville. Professor of Pharmacy at the University of Seville. She works on innovative drugs based on nanomedicine, a line in which she has been involved in 8 research projects, as well as 9 research grants.