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The biotechnology startup KeyZell bets on cryptoassets to develop artificial intelligence against cancer

Given the strong economic barriers to entry in the pharmaceutical sector for new companies, the issuance of K2Z is a step to be able to advance in the project of the fight against cancer from precision medicine and AI. The K2Z Utility Token project is supported by the democratization of its industrial property in NTF format and by a management and research team of international relevance

More and more businesses are seeking funding through a Token Generation Event (TGE), becoming a common practice in the crypto space. KeyZell is the first biotech to perform a Token Generation Event (TGE) through the K2Z Utility Token project, whose maximum issuance will be 2,000 million tokens and 200,000 NFTs. This innovative project aims to issue a useful fungible token to receive the service of its Artificial Intelligence system for precision medicine, and another non-fungible token of the industrial property of this AI, baptised by KeyZell as IP-NFT (Industrial Property-NFT).

This issuance of tokens will allow them to continue advancing in their project to fight cancer and operate in a secure environment, as they work under blockchain technology.

Global situation of the disease

The search for a cure for cancer has become one of the most lucrative businesses on the planet, far superior to technology. Everything is counted by thousands and millions in the fight against cancer. According to the latest study published by the IQVIA Institute, “Global Oncology Trends 2021”, the global market in treatments for this disease is estimated to reach 269 billion dollars by 2025. It is led by the US with 42%, followed by the five main European markets: Germany, France, Great Britain, Italy, and Spain.

In 2020, almost 10 million people died from cancer, and each year more than 19 million new cases are added worldwide. Unfortunately, every year the forecasts of deaths and incidence of the “International Agency for Research on Cancer” and, with these data, it is not surprising that in a short time one in three men and one in four women will be diagnosed with this disease throughout their lives. In addition, the overall incidence is increasing due to the aging of the population and the increase in risk factors.

TGE at the service of the fight against cancer

KeyZell’s K2Z Utility Token project is a solid model, supported by the democratization of its industrial property in NFT format, and a company backed by a management and research team of international relevance. This project aims to make itself known among patients and be the way to really reach those who need it and not use it as a mere speculative investment.

NFTs are configured to generate or create payments on any future transfers of the tokens. This type of payment will be automated through a smart contract within the NFT, where the issuer can track the following transfers (resales), appearing registered in the blockchain where the NFT is made.

“KeyZell’s goal with the token is to bring a personalized diagnostic service for cancer treatment to precision medicine so that patients can get new tokens with NFTs every year to use with AI. With this, we want to continue developing our KeyZell OPS project, a tool based on Machine Learning that selects the best treatment for each patient based on their individual characteristics”, says José de Corral, CEO of KeyZell.

The company, pending starting with clinical trials in humans for the treatment of breast and lung cancer, has an innovative Artificial Intelligence system in the commercialization phase, a guarantee of the future to generate cash flow, and, above all, a guarantee for those investors in search of first-class projects such as K2Z Token.



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