Precision medicine against cancer: create the most appropriate treatments for each patient with AI

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KeyZell develops novel oncology drugs and finds the most efficient combination of treatments according to each genetics and clinical history. Covid-19 placed the importance of scientific research at the forefront of public opinion . After two years of the pandemic, and in a situation of greater stability thanks to vaccination, researchers raise their voices so … Read more

Keyzell and Lãberit join forces to develop artificial intelligence to personalize cancer treatments

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Madrid, February 18, 2022. KeyZell, a Spanish biotechnology company focused on the discovery and development of a new generation of anticancer drugs, as well as an innovative artificial intelligence system for oncology precision medicine, has signed an agreement of collaboration with the multinational Lãberit to continue with the development of a system based on artificial … Read more

Risks of investing in cryptoassets

1.       Risks There are many risks involved with a token, some of which are listed below, and there may be others as well. These risks may result in the complete loss of the tokens, or their value. The token holder assumes and fully understands all the risks involved with a token. In no event, if … Read more