KeyZell develops the first precision medicine system to fight breast and lung cancer

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The startup has developed the first oncology precision medicine system that selects “personalized treatment for each patient.”- Seguir leyendo:   As explained by the company itself, OPS (Oncology Precision System) is an Artificial Intelligence solution that determines the best combination of therapies against breast and lung cancer through an automatic learning system. This tool makes … Read more

Fourier Intelligence, iRhythm and KeyZell are the most internationally recognized companies for revolutionizing the health sector

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Health Tech World has released a compilation of the top 50 health technology innovators of 2022 who stand out for their unique innovation, outstanding technology solutions and their application in the daily lives of patients. The implementation of new technologies in the health sector promotes an increasingly competitive market and solutions are developed that favor … Read more

KeyZell has been awarded as the “Most Pioneering Biotechnology Company – Europe”

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KeyZell has been awarded as the “Most Pioneering Biotechnology Company – Europe” in the seventh edition of the “International Life Sciences Awards 2022“. This event is organized every year by Global Health & Pharma, a global information exchange platform and a community of multidisciplinary members within the area of health. See here the complete article … Read more

KeyZell continues to advance in the development of its Artificial Intelligence tool

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The biotech startup KeyZell has officially announced the launch of its exclusive fungible token useful to receive the service of its Artificial Intelligence system for precision medicine against cancer, and another non-fungible token of the industrial property of this AI. The startup has developed OPS (Oncology Precision System), an AI solution capable of proposing the best combination … Read more