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Biotech Startup Uses Crypto Assets to Fight Cancer

The Spanish biotech startup KeyZell will issue the K2Z Utility Token that will help the fight against cancer.

KeyZell, the Spanish biotechnology company, which focuses on the discovery and development of a new generation of anticancer drugs, will issue tokens that will allow them to continue advancing their project in the fight against cancer and operate in a secure environment supported by blockchain technology .

The K2Z Utility Token project is created with the pretentious objective of issuing a useful fungible token to receive the service of its Artificial Intelligence system for precision medicine , and another non-fungible token owned by the industry of that AI, which It has been called by the biotech company as IP-NFT (Industrial Property-NFT)

Through the K2Z Utility Token project, it is the first time that the startup has carried out a Token Generation Event (TGE), which will have a maximum issuance of 2,000 million tokens and 200,000 NFTs .

Cryptocurrencies in the fight against cancer

The TGE, Token Generation Event, are increasingly used as financing by companies and businesses in the pharmaceutical sector, thus becoming an increasingly common practice in the crypto ecosystem.

As reported in the statement, the K2Z Utility Token project is a solid model, supported by the democratization of its industrial property in NFT format, and a company backed by a management and research team of international importance. They also pointed out that one of the objectives of the project is to make itself known among patients and to be the bridge to reach those who really need it and not be used as a “speculative investment”.

Likewise, the payments made will be automated through a smart contract within the NFT, where the issuer can track the following transfers (resales), appearing registered in the blockchain where the NFT is made.

They also highlighted that the company, pending the start of clinical trials in humans for the treatment of breast and lung cancer, has an Artificial Intelligence system that is in the commercialization phase, a safeguard to generate cash flow ( cashflow), and above all a “guarantee” for those investors who are attentive to innovative projects of this level.

José de Corral, CEO of KeyZell, states that:

“KeyZell’s goal with the token is to bring a precision medicine personalized cancer treatment diagnostic service closer and that patients can get new tokens each year with NFTs to use with AI. With this, we want to continue developing our KeyZell OPS project, a tool based on Machine Learning that selects the best treatment for each patient based on their individual characteristics”.


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