Awards and honours

Our latest awards and recognitions reflect the efforts of our team in the research and development of treatments and technological systems for the fight against cancer.

KeyZell, has been selected as a finalist in the EmprendeXXI 2023 Awards. These awards, promoted by CaixaBank through its division specialized in technology companies, DayOne, and co-financed by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism through Enisa.

In this 16th edition of the awards, a total of 103 startups from Andalusia have submitted their candidacy, and KeyZell has stood out as a finalist thanks to its innovative artificial intelligence technology applied to the treatment and diagnosis of cancer.

Specializing in all aspects of health technology, and backed by a team of award-winning journalists, experts and analysts, “Health Tech World” has recognized KeyZell as one of the World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies in Health Technology 2022.

KeyZell has been awarded in the II Edition of the Isaac Peral National Research, Science and Innovation Awards organized by the “European Association of Economy and Competitiveness”.

These awards recognize the research carried out by KeyZell both in the development of first-line cancer treatments and the use of precision medicine AI technology in oncology (Oncology Precision System).

KeyZell received the Andalucía Excelente Award as the best Biotechnology company 2022. KeyZell, awarded for its commitment to create a new future for oncology, through the development of new therapies and innovative tools.

The IX edition of the awards, organised by EL Suplemento, seeks to highlight the work of andalusian professionals and companies that work every day to bring Spain brand to the highest level.

KeyZell has been awarded by “Global Health & Pharma”, member of CPD, in the “International Life Sciences Awards 2022” as one of the most pioneering companies in biotechnology of 2022 in Europe, “Most Pioneering Biotechnology Company – Europe 2022”.

We lead the Precision Medicine biomedical revolution

This represents a huge opportunity for both patients and the sector in economic and innovation terms