About KeyZell

Since the inception of KeyZell in July 2020, we have been dedicated to delivering precision medicine-based oncology solutions that improve patients’ quality of life. All the solutions we develop aim to improve the quality of life of patients, but above all, to save lives.

In this sense, we want to strengthen our commitment to the fight against cancer through precision medicine, managing to reduce recurrence, overmedication, hospitalization time or treatment costs and, above all, have a positive impact on the quality of life of patients.

We are working on the discovery and development of a new generation of cancer drugs.

jose del corral ceo keyzell

Through the KEYZELL OPS tool we make it easier for oncologists to select the most appropriate treatment for each patient, and with our AI prototype for the diagnosis of cancer by imaging, we are able to detect if there is a tumor mass through a simple x-ray.

With both projects, we seek to continue researching and developing solutions that revolutionize precision medicine in the oncology sector internationally.

José del Corral, CEO

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We are a company committed to creating a new future for oncology, by developing new therapies and innovative tools that address unmet medical needs.
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KeyZell is a biotechnology company developing digital cancer treatments and tools.

KeyZell has an experienced management team with great success stories in the management of large companies. The company is also supported by a highly qualified team of advisors, not only in the medical or scientific area, but also in intellectual property, legal or strategic issues.

KeyZell’s scientific project is led by Dr. Nabil Hajji. Top-level researcher in the area of cancer research.

We lead the Precision Medicine biomedical revolution

This represents a huge opportunity for both patients and the sector in terms of economics and innovation